Ask Mané

Do you have a design dilemma or just need a little advice? Feel free to leave a message on this page!

If you prefer you can also send me an email, along with your photos and plans, and I will post your question and my answer here.

My email is:

2 Responses to Ask Mané

  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Mane,
    Yes I do have a design question! It might help if I send you a picture but I don’t have one right now – maybe I can send it in a few days. Our dining room has wainscoting that is painted white and the walls above are a very light tan (i.e. rather dull). I’d like to add some color to the room on the upper walls but I’m not sure that a brighter/darker color will look good with the white below. I was leaning towards a warmer color rather than a cool color but need advice. Heck, you and Roger should just come visit us since most of the walls are that same dull tan color, but maybe you can give me some quick tips. The furniture in the dining room is a medium (not light or dark) wood. Any ideas?

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